10 Reasons You Need to Attend 30 Day Book Live

30 Day Book Live is just a few weeks away. Do you have your ticket yet?


Hey there! Did you know that there’s almost a 100% guarantee that if you go to an event with the intention of building your business, you’ll make your money back ten times over?

There's nothing else that has such a tangible ROI (return on investment) like attending a live event.

So even if it’s inconvenient, the $999 you spend for a V.I.P. ticket to 30 Day Book Live is the equivalent of $9,999 or more put towards coaching or courses. In this case, that’s especially true since you receive several great courses as bonuses when you purchase your ticket to 30 Day Book Live.

For those of you who don't know, 30 Day Book Live is a fabulous 2 day live event I'm hosting in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on September 5-6, 2019, at which I'm going to show you how to write a book in 30 days and put it to work for you to help you expand your existing business or jumpstart a new one – even an author business. I'm also bringing in the amazing Myron Golden (a sought after speaker and teacher of wealth mastery through biblical principles) and Breynan Hammons (a super savvy 7 figure agency owner) as guest speakers. To learn more about them and the event, go to https://candaceduff.com/Oklahoma.

Here are 10 things you can do to maximize both the time and money you spend on 30 Day Book Live before and at the event to make the most of it:

1. Document the journey to 30 Day Book Live on social media. 

As an aspiring author and entrepreneur, it’s a smart thing to document your book writing journey. Cool things happen when you document your journey on social media. Number one, people will learn things from you, be inspired by you and start following you. This sort of momentum and excitement is a great way to build your tribe. 

Two, you’ll instantly have more credibility. Why? Because you’re attending an event to learn,  grow, and make strategic relationships. You’re also investing in training and education to make your book the best it can be. This inspires trust and provides the social proof automatically attached to events.

Three, you’ll get all kinds of cool photos and content you can use throughout the year in your business for ads, social media posts, etc.

2. Block out all other commitments from September 5-7, 2019..

There is scientific evidence that multitasking is inefficient and unproductive. Don’t try to do five things at once. You’ll just do them all badly. Instead, attend 30 Day Book Live with the idea of making an ROI from the event. Don’t let work and home distractions eat up your time and make you miss valuable learning, relationship, and networking opportunities.

We know how hard it can be to step away for a couple of days. Here are a few things you can do to make it easier:

  1. Set an Out of Office reply on your emails
  2. Use the time between now and the event to get as much done as possible
  3. Outsource or delegate as much as you can to your team
  4. Rearrange or reschedule any important dates until after the event
  5. Create a waitlist if you do client work so people can start after the event

3. Create a short elevator pitch so when people ask what you do you can quickly tell them.

Practice your pitch until you can say it with confidence. Remember, people usually ask questions because they’re looking to make a connection. Keep it short and to the point so you can get past the intro part and really make a strong connection.

4. Identify people in advance with whom you want to connect and make it happen.

The great thing about attending 30 Day Book Live is that you are bound to meet other business owners, coaches, consultants, speakers, and aspiring authors you can connect with with an eye toward them becoming an accountability partner for your book project, a writing buddy, a client, business partner, etc.  Plus, if you sign up for a V.I.P. ticket, you’ll have opportunities to network with the speakers and other V.I.P. members.

Who are the people that have impacted you during the year online…and how are you going to find a way to meet and connect with them? Create a list of people you hope to meet and think of a way to be memorable.

Try to think of a time in your life where you get to hang out with a HUNDRED aspiring authors, go getters, and business people for two days? That’s what is going to happen at 30 Day Book Live!


5. Google people you want to meet, visit their sales funnels, websites, blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

You have a better chance of standing out with the people you want to meet if you’ve done some research on them first. Become a subscriber of their newsletter or podcast, visit their websites and social media, maybe even buy their courses or products.

6. Bring all the cords and portable devices you need to charge phones, laptops etc.

There will be wifi at the event but most devices won’t last all day without extra power or batteries. You can get rechargeable batteries for your phone, and stash an extension chord for your laptop in your bag. Bonus points if it’s a power strip. That’s a quick way to make some extra friends!

7. Don’t try and sell your product or service at the event.

Come to the event with the goal of making real connections and learning all you can. People do business with people. This means that when you make your goal to build relationships and friendships, sales and revenue naturally follow. You’ll  get more work, more customers, more of everything – the more relationships you have. Besides, you will be busy learning how to write your book in 30 days.


8. Take pictures of the people you meet. Have them hold up their name tag next to their face so when you get back home you’ll know who they are.

How many times have you returned from an event with a million business cards and you have no idea who those people are.  I often have a hard time remembering the face that matches the business card so I end up stuffing the cards into a drawer. Don’t do that! When you meet someone, take a picture with them (make sure the name tags are showing) and then you’ll have a visual way to remember. Better yet, post the pic on social media and tag them!

9. Be social even if you are an introvert.

Believe it or not, I am an introvert.  No-one ever believes it when I say this, but it’s true.  Being on stage is different from conversing with someone one or one or in a group of people. It’s really hard for me to do that sometimes when I meet new people. The secret is that I don’t allow  myself to use my being an introvert as an excuse. I know that I have to be social, even when it’s uncomfortable. Push yourself to get out there, introduce yourself, and make friends. Don’t just lurk and then sneak away the minute the training ends because so much of the networking happens during the breaks and after the training is over.


10. All you need is one idea, one new connection, one spark of inspiration . . . 

30 Day Book Live is going to be a great event with a TON of information. You might feel like you’re drinking from a firehose. That’s okay. Absorb what you can and remember…that all you need is literally…ONE idea, ONE connection, or ONE spark of inspiration to completely change your life. It’s not about quantity of ideas. You need just ONE. Set your intention to be ready when that one idea hits!

30 Day Book Live gives you amazing connections, resources, and training, but it will also change your belief system. That’s the most powerful gift you can give yourself as an aspiring , author, so don’t miss it!


Can’t wait to see you there.


P.S. After you sign up, check out my podcast episode: “20 Ways Books Can make You Money”