5 Reasons You Should Write a Book in a Weekend

5 Reasons You Should Write a Book in a Weekend

In this episode, I give you 5 good reasons why you should write a book in a weekend. The reasons span from beating mindset issues like imposter syndrome, perfection monster, and attacks of the inner editor, to the benefits of devoting dedicated, uninterrupted time to your book project.

I also talk about an exciting new program that I've created called “Write Your Book in a Weekend” and describe exactly what happens to those who sign up for the event. In the spirit of Halloween, there may even have been mention of folks being locked in a hotel ballroom and chained to their laptops . . .

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • the benefits of whipping out the first draft of your book in a weekend
  • how writing fast can help with the mindset issues all writers face
  • the benefits of being “in the zone” while you write your book
  • what you and “wrimos” have in common
  • what really happens to those who sign up for the “Write Your Book in a Weekend” program

Live workshops mentioned in this episode:

Live Implementation Workshop: “Write Your Book in a Weekend” https://coachcandaceduff.com/bookwritingweekend

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