Ep. 14: Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Writing Your Book

Ep. 14: Don't Let Fear Keep You From Writing Your Book

In this episode of the Candace Duff Show I talk about how many would be authors allow fear to keep them from writing a book and the importance of doing it afraid – whatever “it” is – in 2019. I also talked about my new course the “10 Day Book Bootcamp” and how it can help you conquer fear and whip out the first draft of your book in as little as two weeks.

You'll Learn:

  • The main reason why so many would be authors never write their books
  • When you shouldn't fear calling yourself an expert
  • Why we should do it afraid – whatever “it” is
  • Why I was terrified to release my last novel
  • What the “10 Day Book Bootcamp” is all about

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Links discussed during this episode:

Learn more about the 10 Day Book Bootcamp https://www.10daybookbootcamp.com/go

Sign up for a Book Block Breakthrough Session – https://candaceduff.com

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