Episode 10: What Led Me to Become a Book Coach

What Led Me to Become a Book Coach

In this episode of the Candace Duff show I fulfill the task given to me in my mastermind group and tell my origin story – specifically, what led me to become a book coach. The audio for this podcast episode is taken from a Facebook Live video.  I don't do those very often.  In fact, I was so nervous about being live on video that I forgot Stephen King's name when I referred to his book “On Writing.”  I was tempted to edit that part out of the podcast but decided to keep it honest in the name of authenticity.

You'll Learn:

    • When I discovered my love of writing
    • What my mother thought of writing as a profession
    • When I started writing books
    • How my writing journey shaped my confidence
    • Why I decided to become a book coach

Thank you very much for listening.

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13 Ways to Write a Book www.candaceduff.com

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