Ep. 20 Student Spotlight: Geraldine Hogan

Interview of Geraldine Hogan, Esq.

Geraldine Hogan, Esq., retired judge, mediator, and the author of Career Moves for Teachers and Other Professionals: Strategies for a Successful Job Change,” is a friend and former client of mine. In this episode she tells her fascinating and inspiring story how she made a major mid-career change and later decided to become a published author.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • what made Geraldine Hogan decide to make a major career change after 11 years
  • how she overcame obstacles and resistance along the way
  • what made her decide to write and publish her book
  • her advice to those who are thinking about making a career change
  • what it really takes to write and publish a book
  • how her life has changed as a result

Books, Workshops and other sites mentioned in this episode:

“Career Moves for Teachers and Other Professionals: Strategies for a Successful Job Change” by Geraldine Hogan, Esq.

“See You at the Top” by Zig Ziglar

Geraldine's website: https://geraldinehogan.com

Live Implementation Workshop: “Write Your Book in a Weekend” https://coachcandaceduff.com/bookwritingweekend

Master Your Book Program. Apply for book coaching with Candace Duff https://candaceduff.as.me/apply

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