How Total Immersion in the One Funnel Away Challenge Improved My Marketing

The One Funnel Away Challenge – Total Immersion and Implementation

I first signed up for Clickfunnels (a full service CRM program) two and half years ago; however, I only used it to create landing pages and things like that. That changed when I took the One Funnel Away Challenge for the first time late last year.  The One Funnel Away Challenge was such a game changer for me that I agreed to promote the program because I know it can help so many people.

One Funnel Away is different than any other program or course I had taken from Clickfunnels in the past. For one, the training is live. In the morning you get an e-mail from Russell Brunson that takes you to a video where he provides training and gives you a mission. Then Stephen Larsen comes on live in the afternoons, and he gives you the marketing strategy behind the mission. He also helps with mindset issues that you might be dealing with.

We all know that entrepreneurs (and authors) are famous for dealing with mindset issues – that feeling that you're not an expert.  We ask ourselves: “Who am I to do this?” or “Who am I to do that?” So Stephen yells at you (lol), gives you some tough love, and tells you stories about his transformation to help you work through those issues.

Julie Stoian also comes on in the afternoon and gives you practical information on how to implement the mission Russell gave you. She really breaks it down so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed.

The second difference between The One Funnel Away Challenge and other programs is that it’s a total immersion program. Every day, during that 30 day period, you get e-mails from Russell Brunson, and you watch a video from him where he gives you training and a new mission. So, you have work to do in the challenge every day for 30 days. Then, Stephen Larsen goes live every afternoon during the 30 day challenge to give you the marketing strategy and mindset training behind the mission.

Because the training is live and a total immersion program, you get to ask questions and interact with others who might know more than you about what you're trying to accomplish. Being totally immersed in marketing strategy, in your project, in funnelology (that’s a technical term), in learning how to put together funnels, and in actively working on your project really helps you to learn and retain it all. It gave me the momentum and Impetus and momentum I needed to create and release my Ten Day Book Bootcamp course.

The third difference between The One Funnel Away Program and others I’ve tried in the past is that the challenge is implementation based. It's focused on getting things done. So when Russell gives you a mission in the morning, it's about creating a part of your funnel, it's about figuring out what the hook is to your offer, figuring out what your offer is, figuring out your origin story and how are you’re going to tell it. He actually makes you do things like hire a graphic designer to design the covers for your e-book, course, or product, for example. So you actually move forward, day by day, getting your challenge activities done, and creating something that you could sell and market at the end of the challenge.

The challenge is only $100.  It was the best $100 I've ever spent in my life. Despite the low price, it comes with some amazing bonuses. Besides the live training and the total immersion experience, you get a kit from ClickFunnels that contains an MP3 player loaded with audio of all the videos that were done in previous challenges. It also contains a bunch of bonus training too.

The kit also comes with the 30 days book – a hardcover book in which Russell Brunson presented 30 people who reached more than a million dollars in a single funnel with this scenario: “You suddenly lose all your money, along with your name and reputation, your list, products, everything. All you have left is a ClickFunnels account, Internet access, a roof over your head, food to eat, and 30 days to make money. You have no more relationships or JV affiliates. What would you do, from day one to day thirty, to save yourself?”

Each of the millionaires wrote out their 30 day plans on how they would make back the money if they lost it all and put them in this book. So the book contains 30 separate roadmaps to the Two Comma Club. It's a pretty amazing book; however, you not only get the book, you also get access to the videos. And that's where each of the 30 people do a video describing what they would do from day one to day thirty to get back to the Two Comma Club. Then, they do a second video which gives you a sneak peak into their funnels. It's extremely valuable. The kit also contains The One Funnel Away Challenge notebook.

Russell gives you some amazing bonuses; however, if you buy through my affiliate link, you also get bonuses from me. My bonuses include access to my Book Author Bootcamp 21 Day Challenge which is designed to help you whip out the first draft of your book in less than three weeks. You also get access to my 10 Day Book Boot Camp Course, which is designed to help you write your book in less than two weeks and you also get access to the Private Challenge Only Facebook group where I go live several times a week during the challenge to give you further instructions, to answer any questions you may have, and to provide you with support and accountability.

So, go ahead and sign up at* and I'll see you in the challenge.

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