Interview of Heather Floyd – Agency Consultant

How Writing Books Can Help an Agency or Website Developer Grow Their Business

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Heather Floyd, an website developer, consultant, speaker, and the author of “An Agency's Guide to the Umbraco Content Management System: The Comprehensive Getting Started Guide for Digital and Advertising Agencies.”  We had a great conversation about how writing books can help digital and advertising agencies and website developers attract new customers, service existing ones, and showcase their expertise to peers in their industry. We also discussed the merits of publishing on Amazon versus selling e-books directly and her process for writing the book.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How writing books can help an agency owner or a web developer attract new clients
  • How writing books can help an agency owner or a web developer service existing clients
  • How writing books can help an agency owner or website developer demonstrate or showcase her expertise to peers in her industry
  • Whether a book needs to be published on Amazon to assist agencies with attracting and serving clients
  • A streamlined process for writing e-books

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Links mentioned in the podcast:

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Heather Floyd's free guide on finding your niche: “Be the Big Fish in a Small Pond: How to Niche Your Services and Increase Your Value”

Heather Floyd's Book:

The Book Author Bootcamp 21 Day Challenge (Write Your Book in 21 Days):

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