Make Your Summer 2021 Plans Count

What are your plans for Summer 2021? It's been a while since I've let you in on what I've been up to and what I'm doing, so I thought I'd bring you up to speed on my plans for this summer. As those of you who know me well already know, I'm actually several different people online. I'm what they call “multi-talented” (a/k/a perpetually distracted). 😂 I write novels under a couple of different pen names, plus I'm a book coach and an attorney. I'm telling you all this so that you understand why I chose my first goal for this summer.

Summer Goal #1: Eliminate Distractions

If I had spent the past three years following bestselling author Mark Dawson and the amazing Amy Porterfield‘s advice instead of chasing shiny objects all over the Internet, I'd have both of my fiction series completed and three highly engaged mailing lists by now. I'd also have thousands of happy customers referring my books and courses to their friends, and have released the 210th episode of my podcast. Instead, I spent the last three years learning a ton but not implementing as much as I want to.

Entrepreneurs and authors are notorious for chasing rainbows and getting distracted by shiny objects. It's called “shiny object syndrome.” So, my first goal for this summer is to avoid shiny object syndrome. I plan to make a plan, work the plan, and be productive without getting distracted by the next new thing.

Summer 2021 will forever be known as the Summer of Implementation a/k/a the Summer of Love. I plan to put all of this knowledge that I've acquired to work. That means you'll see new things coming from the desk of Candace Duff such as the membership group that I've been promising forever, my signature course, a nonfiction book that I'm writing under my real name, and a couple of summer romances under each of my pen names. It's an ambitious agenda I know, but I'm making up for lost time.

Goal #2: Get Consistent

A lot of folks (and I'm guilty of this too) got used to building entire businesses using Facebook ads and focusing on sales instead of nurturing our existing customers and building relationships. In some ways the pandemic exacerbated the situation by forcing us to socially distance and cancel in-person events. I want to show up for my tribe by consistently releasing podcasts, blog posts, and curated content that provides value. So goal #2 for Summer 2021 is to create a content plan and get consistent with it so you know when to expect goodies from me.

Goal #3: Lead by Example

One of the best ways that I can serve you best is to lead the way. That's why I'm planning to release multiple books this summer under both my legal and pen names. That way, you get to look over my shoulder to see what I choose to write, how I market the books, and how I build a book based business around them whether it's an author business or a nonfiction book funnel leading to my other products and services. Those who sign up for my membership will get the most in-depth view, but all of my tribe will be able to look over my shoulder and get the bird's eye view.

Summer Goal #4: Stop Being a Best Kept Secret

One of the things I really have to work on is putting myself and my products and services. I can count on one hand the number of times I appeared on someone else's podcast or collaborated with another influencer or entrepreneur over the past two years. So, my fourth goal for Summer 2021 is to stop being a best kept secret and make a concerted plan to put myself out there more. That means I'll probably have to get my hair and nails done and stop hiding. My baby sister hates the wig I've been wearing and has threatened to select new ones for me without my input. I'll probably wind up looking like Lil Kim.