Take Action to Boost Self-Confidence

Hi there:

I just finished the first of what I am sure will be multiple rounds of Marie Forleo's fantastic program B-School where what she calls “big-hearted creatives” learn to create lives and businesses they love.  I learned so much from the program that I couldn't possibly share it all in one post.  I suspect you'll be hearing about it a lot over the next year.  But I digress.

One of the things that Marie Forleo and other high-level performance coaches teach us is that we should take action before we're ready because there's never going to be a time when we're totally ready.  I agree with that lesson and learn it over and over again as I see the results and the impetus I get from taking action in my life and my business endeavors.

When we take action, it allows us to keep moving forward on our dreams, goals and aspirations.  It allows us to enjoy levels of success from our efforts, get positive feedback from those who benefit from them, and see our creations come to life. All of these things increase our sense of self-satisfaction, make us feel worthy, and boost our self-confidence.  Even if our efforts aren't successful, if we take action, we get to learn from our mistakes, find out what works and what doesn't work, and tweak or change things to make them better.

The secret to success isn't being brilliant or talented or even especially creative. The secret to success is to never quit.  When we take action on our goals and dreams each day, no matter how small, we move one step closer to making them a reality.

If you want to be an author and you write 600 words each morning, which you can easily do in less than an hour, you would have 4200 words of the first draft of a novel in a week, and a full length 50,000 word first draft of your first book in three months.  At that rate, you could write four 50,000 word first drafts in a year.  If you built in time in the evenings, over your lunch break, or on the weekends for plotting, mapping out scenes and chapters, revision, etc. You could finish a new book each quarter.

Imagine how taking action in this way and achieving this level of production would boost your self-confidence.as a writer.  The more you write, the better you get at writing because the best way to learn how to write a book is to take everything you've learned from courses and reading books and write a book. Improving your skills as a writer, seeing your creations come to life, and seeing them get better and better each time would definitely boost your self-confidence.

I used writing as an example of how taking action can boost your self-confidence, but the same logic applies to any goal, dream or business endeavor you want to undertake.  Taking baby steps each day will bring you that much closer to achieving them.

So, what goal or dream would you like to work toward? What baby steps are you willing to take each day to make that dream a reality? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, you don't have to do it alone.  If you need help with putting together a solid action plan for making those dreams and goals a reality, overcoming the obstacles (internal and external) to achieving them, and accountability and encouragement along the way, sign up here for a 30 minute clarity consultation and let's get started. 

Coach Candace