Why Launch a Side Hustle?

Are you thinking about starting a business or a side hustle? In this episode, I talk all about why you should launch a side hustle instead of just creating it and expecting clients and buyers to show up and hire you or buy your products. If you need a good reason to launch, you'll find it here.

Why Launch a Side Hustle?

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What a launch is.
  • Why launch a side hustle product, business, or service
  • How a good reason to launch is that it helps you grow and nurture your email list.
  • How another good reason to launch is that it helps you gather valuable feedback from your customers
  • How launching can create new opportunities for you and your business
  • How launching can increase customer loyalty and appreciation
  • Additional benefits of launching a side hustle
  • Where you can learn more about product launches

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Hey there, this is Candace Duff coming back at you from a not so sunny South Florida. In fact, it's not only raining, it's thundering and lightning. So you may hear that in the background.

Now, I know that I've been missing from the Candace Duff show for a while. But I'm back for Season 3 – a season filled with very interesting topics and discussions. So I hope that you'll stay with me. Thank you so much for being with me on this journey in podcasting.

All right. Today, we're here to talk about something near and dear to my heart. I know. I say that in every single episode, But let me ask you a question: Have you decided to have or do you have a side hustle or a side business that you're putting together? Or maybe you've just decided to leave the rat race altogether and start a new business or side hustle.

Have you done that? Are you thinking about that? Because if you are, you're going to be really interested in this podcast. That's because today I'm talking about something you need to do if you have a product or service or book that you want to offer to buyers, prospective buyers, or readers. I'm talking about how to launch a side hustle. Now, you might ask yourself why launch a side hustle? We'll talk about that.

What is a launch?

So, what is a launch? A launch is actually not just dropping your product or service on the market. A launch is making a big fanfare out of presenting your product or service to prospective buyers.

Back in the old days, they might have said: “If you build it, they will come. If you write it, they will come.” Nowadays, there are 50 million different products on Amazon and 50 million different books that people have to choose from. So it's very important that you give your products momentum by building up anticipation for and presenting them properly – even if they've been out there for a while.

A good reason to launch

Reason to Launch 1: Build anticipation

The #1 reason to launch is to give your customers or prospective readers a chance to buy the new product or service. So, if you have a new product or service that you want to present or offer to the market, you want to give your customers a chance to find it and buy it. A really good launch also helps you build anticipation for the product, book or service even before you launch it.

There's something called a prelaunch and there's somebody who could teach this a lot better than I can. But, if you run a proper prelaunch campaign and lay the groundwork so to speak, it will help you build anticipation for the product or service so that, when you launch, you're not launching to the sound of crickets. That goes for books, products, coaching services, or whatever it is that you're launching.

Reason to Launch 2: Grow and nurture your email list

Another reason to launch is that a good launch helps you to build your email list. We know that Facebook or Meta can go away tomorrow. TikTok can go away tomorrow. Instagram might not be there. But your email list can always be there. It's what Russell Brunson calls the only real estate you own. You don't own social media but you do own your email list. And as long as you have your list, you have a way of reaching out to your biggest fans, customers, clients, readers, and prospects. .

So growing your email list is another good reason to launch. That can be done in a number of ways. You may have a lead magnet that you offer as part of the launch. You may have a quiz that you offer as part of your launch. There are a whole bunch of different ways you can get people onto your email list during a launch. That helps you to grow your email list. It also helps you to nurture your email list because a good launch could have a survey as a part of it or other ways for people to give you feedback about their wants, needs, and desires. So it's a good way to not only grow your email list, but also a way to nurture .it.

Reason to Launch 3: Get valuable feedback

Another reason to launch a side hustle, product or service is that it helps you get valuable feedback from early users of your products and services. When you launch for the first time, the product, book or service you launch at first may not end up being the final version of it. It may only be the first iteration of that product, book or service. For example, you may have a coaching program that you launch for the first time. As you put your people through that coaching program, you may get feedback from them that will help you to refine it – to make it better and even more powerful for your clients. So a launch helps you to gather valuable feedback from early users, and, as you launch the product or service again and again, you'll be able to refine it or create even better ones. You'll be able to better know the wants, needs, and desires of your intended audience.

Reason to Launch 4: Create momentum and recognition

A launch also helps you to create momentum and recognition – not just for the product, but also for you, your company, and your brand. So, if you have a coaching brand, if you have services that you'd like to provide, if you need recognition in your field, or If you want to jumpstart sales, a launch can help you create momentum and recognition for you and your company. You don't want to be the best kept secret, right? You want people to know who you are and to respect you and to warm up to you. So, even if they don't buy the first time, they may buy from you the next time.

Reason to Launch 5: Build loyalty and appreciation

Another reason to launch a side hustle, product or service is that it could help you build customer loyalty and appreciation. What do I mean by that? Well, if you took a poll of your followers, clients or customers and they gave you feedback, you could incorporate that feedback as part of your launch. For example, you could show the messages, poll responses, or reviews as part of your marketing campaign. If they told you that they were really interested in or needed something and you created it, you could say: “You asked for this and so I built it for you,” Letting your customers see how much you value their opinion, how much you value them, and how much you respect them, will help you earn more loyalty and admiration from your prospects and existing customers.

We all know that word of mouth from existing customers is one of the best sales tools you can have. They'll refer other people to you. They'll give you reviews – positive reviews. They'll talk about your products and services to other people. So, it's really important to engender loyalty by listening to your clients and customers.

And by incorporating that feedback into the new products and services you provide and showing that you listen to them by incorporating some of that feedback in your marketing as part of the launch will help you develop customer loyalty and appreciation.

Reason to Launch 6: Increase your visibility

A launch increases the visibility of not only the product or service you're launching at the time, but also your personal visibility, your company's visibility, your brand's visibility, and the visibility of your other products and services. Once prospective buyers learn about one of your books, products, or services, they might learn about your other books, products, or services. Once they see you doing a launch, they'll learn more about you. They'll learn more about your story, what your brand stands for, who you are, etc. And all of this helps them to develop a relationship with you. This increased visibility. Is a great thing.

Reason to Launch #7: Open New Doors

Another thing that a successful launch will do- especially if you have a really successful launch – is to create new possibilities for you and your business. It can open up doors to investors who want to invest in your business. They may want to buy a part or all of it. They may just want to invest in your business. They may want to give you a lucrative partnership deal. They may want to acquire your company, pay you tons of money, and give you an executive role in it.

You never know who's watching you launch and a successful launch can lead to other opportunities. In terms of books, a really successful launch can put you on bestseller lists or open up the possibility of movie or TV deals. Publishers may approach you for paperback book deals or whatever it is that you want.

So a successful launch can open up new possibilities for you in whatever you're launching.

Learn More About How to Launch a Side Hustle

If you want to learn more about launching, then you should listen to Jeff Walker, the Mac daddy of launching. He's actually the brain behind the Product Launch Formula – a formula used by entrepreneurs all over the world for decades to launch their products and services.

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