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Free Training

"How to Write Your Book in a Weekend (Even if you Don't Know Where to Start)." In this free masterclass you'll learn: (1) How to set your book up for success before you write the first word; (2)  How to figure out which book to write; and (3)  How to write your book fast even if you have no idea where to start.

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Bestseller Book Challenge

Bestsellers are created before an author ever puts a pen to the page. The Bestseller Book Challenge is a 14 day challenge designed to help you come up with a bestselling book idea and set your book project up for success from the very start so you can write the right book at the right time to attract the right reader.  Coming soon. 

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Write Your Book in a Weekend


Write Your Book in a Weekend is a two day live implementation workshop designed to help you whip out a draft of a book in two days that you can use to either build an author business or attract new customers and opportunities to expand your existing business.

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Hi there:

I'm Candace Duff, a coach, an author, an attorney, a woman and a fallible human being just like you.

I help smart, hardworking, caring and talented individuals like yourself write books and put them to work for you so you can achieve your life, business and career goals and transform your life.

As a woman who has realized some of these dreams myself, I understand the tremendous value that can be derived from having someone with a clear head and the right tools help guide you through unfamiliar waters and navigate you safely toward your end goal.

I was put on this Earth to stimulate your mind and your heart and light a fire under you so that you can move forward with a renewed sense of purpose to make your dreams a reality and live the life you were meant to live.

So, enjoy my blog, my freebies and my podcast and, when you're ready to get to work on that dream, goal or project, sign up for a breakthrough session  below and let's get this party started.


Candace Duff

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