Book Coaching

Are you a coach, consultant, or other expert who wants to write a book as a calling card or to demonstrate your expertise?  Are you an avid reader who dreams about writing fiction novels, but has no idea where to begin? Are you already published or under a signed book contract but need someone to hold you accountable so you can get that book done?  If so you are in the right pace.  I specialize in helping writers acquire the tools, knowledge, accountability and productivity they need to get their books done.

As a book coach, I can:

  • Help you choose a topic/genre for your book
  • Help you learn proven strategies and techniques to do any research needed for the book
  • Help you learn how to organize/plot the book
  • Help you deal with any emotional and other blocks to writing the book
  • Help you cultivate a healthy writer's mindset
  • Help you find resources on tips, techniques and strategies for writing in your genre
  • Help you with finding the time to write
  • Help you learn proven tips, techniques and strategies for improving your productivity
  • Hold you accountable so you can procrastinate less and get the book done
  • Be a sounding board for your ideas and provide support throughout the journey

What's Included:

  • One 30 minute book clarity assessment
  • A written book assessment questionnaire
  • One 90 minute strategy session
  • One 30 minute follow-up session
  • Eight 15 minute accountability sessions
  • Session recordings
  • Unlimited e-mail assistance between sessions
  • A customized action plan
  • Support, referrals and resources to help you get that book written

It's hard to describe the sense of joy, accomplishment, and satisfaction an author gets from holding their newly published book in their hands and seeing their name on the cover.  I get to feel that (even if it's my pen name). I want you to experience that too.

So, if you're ready to change your life and the way you and the world sees you, click below to sign up for a book clarity consultation and let's get started.

Book Clarity Consultation

The first step in hiring me for book coaching is to book a 30 minute book clarity consultation session.  During the call we'll discuss your needs, your goals, and the things that are holding you back from achieving them. This is the first step toward creating a custom plan tailor-made to helping you achieve your writing goals.

Strategy Session

After your Book Clarity Consultation, book your ninety minute Strategy Session.  Before this call, I'll take into account the information you provided during the book clarity consultation and in response to a written assessment you'll complete and put together a detailed written strategic plan for you to achieve your writing goals.  You'll receive a copy of the plan in advance of the call.  During the call, we'll go over the plan step by step and tweak it as necessary. The call will be recorded (with your permission of course) and you'll receive a copy of the session recording to refer back to.

Follow-Up Session

Book your Follow-Up Session to take place one to two weeks after your Strategy Session when you begin writing in earnest.  During this thirty minute call, we'll discuss any questions you may have about the plan, any changes that need to be made to your writing schedule, any blocks you may be running into, and anything else you want to ask or discuss.


Accountability Sessions

Writing is a solitary and often lonely pursuit. Sometimes, we need someone to hold us accountable to our writing goals.  Sometimes, we need someone to run ideas by and help us through any blocks.  That's where book coaching comes in. Schedule eight 15 minute accountability calls to take place once a week to make sure you stay on track and moving forward with your strategic writing plan.